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A flat vector logo of a deer head, minimal graphic, by Sagi Haviv --no realistic photo detail shading A simple mascot for a tissue company, Japanese style, vector, no photo-realistic details A logo for a football team, simple minimal --no shading details, psychedelic colors

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Easily generate logos using AI technology by simply describing what you want. Our AI logo generator will transform your text prompts into artistic designs, as if by magic!

Minimalist logo featuring a stylized dragonfly with delicate, geometric wings, body forms a vertical line, a crescent moon shape at the bottom, Above the dragonfly is a small, subtle star, elegant color palette

Minimalist logo featuring the serene face of a woman with flowing hair, drawn in elegant, continuous lines, incorporate organic, leaf-like elements into the hair, Above her head is a subtle star, white background for a clean, sophisticated look.

Elegant logo featuring a silhouette of a woman integrated into the trunk and branches of a tree, circular shape with the tree's branches forming the upper half and roots extending at the bottom, gold color palette, sophisticated look, with clean, flowing lines

Elegant logo featuring a stylized profile of a woman's face integrated with butterfly wings, smooth, continuous lines with delicate curls extending from the wings, sophistication and beauty.

Elegant logo featuring a stylized, abstract figure of a woman with wings, The figure is depicted in a flowing gown, with clean, flowing lines, elegant, luxurious

A guitar pick with a lightning bolt through it

A pair of chopsticks holding a sushi roll, with minimalistic, clean lines for a Japanese restaurant. on white background

Craft a logo incorporating abstract shapes, vibrant colors, and elements like paintbrush strokes or modern art pieces

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Why Choose Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator?

budget logo generator

Use the AI logo generator at a fraction of the cost compared to designing or creating a logo from scratch with the help of a skilled resource or expensive software.

time logo generator
Saves Time

You can turn your concept into a functional logo for your business in real time. As soon as you enter your text prompt, the AI logo generator will generate logos for you immediately.

No Special skills logo generator
No Special Skills Needed

Our AI logo generator needs no special design skills to generate brand logos. All you need is an internet-connected device and you are sorted!

Generating Logos with Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator: Step-by-Step

By following just three easy steps, Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator enables you to effortlessly produce high-quality logos that authentically embody your brand, while saving valuable time and effort during the logo design process.

Enter Your written Prompt
Step 1: Enter Your written Prompt

Type your prompt in the input box. Don’t be shy when it comes to thinking out of the box. Just be a little smart and more specific. Then, click on generate and get your unique image absolutely free.

Let AI Work Its Magic
Step 2: Let AI Work Its Magic

Once you’ve entered your prompt, sit back and let the AI Logo Generator work its magic. The advanced algorithms will analyze your prompt and generate a wide range of logo options based on the provided information.

Customize and Refine
Step 3: Customize and Refine

Explore the generated logo options and select the design that resonates with your brand identity. From there, you have the flexibility to customize and refine various aspects of the logo, such as colors, fonts, layouts, and icons. Tailor it to your liking until you’re satisfied with the final result.

How to Craft Powerful Prompts that Produce High Quality and Relevant Logos?

Simply convey your precise vision, and we’ll bring it to life! Writing effective and well-crafted prompts relies on keys such as specificity, clarity, relevance, and contextualization.

Good Prompt   A modern and innovative logo for a tech start-up specializing in AI, sophisticated, trust, and futuristic vibes with clean lines and vibrant colors, vector, flat, no realistic details
Bad Prompt   An innovative logo for AI startup
Good Prompt   An elegant and timeless logo for a luxury fashion boutique that specializes in high-end women’s clothing with refined typography, delicate imagery, and a luxurious color palette, vector, flat, no photo-realistic details
Bad Prompt   A logo for fashion boutique of high-end women’s clothing

Recommended AI Features

A sophisticated logo for a gourmet coffee shop, featuring a steaming coffee cup with elegant, swirling steam patterns and an earthy brown and gold color scheme. on a plain white background

Generate a minimalist logo for a wellness and yoga studio, featuring soft pastel colors, simple and organic shapes such as a lotus flower or a meditative pose

Generate a professional logo for a financial consulting firm, using geometric shapes, a sophisticated blue and grey color scheme, and incorporating elements like bar graphs or pie charts

Design a nature-themed logo for an eco-friendly brand, using green tones, natural elements like leaves or trees, and an organic, flowing style

create a futuristic logo for a space exploration company, using metallic colors like silver and blue, abstract shapes representing space travel, and incorporating stars or planets

SolarFlare Energy Solutions, A stylized sunburst emitting rays, conveying renewable and powerful energy.

Zenith Wellness Hub, Harmonious combination of a sun rising over a mountain peak, portraying serenity and well-being.

Design a vibrant and energetic logo for a fitness studio, using dynamic shapes and bold typography

Craft a logo featuring a stylized fork with a swift motion trail, conveying quick and delightful catering services.

SummitPeak Realty, Create a logo for a real estate agency. Utilize sharp mountain peaks and clean lines to signify reaching new heights in property services.

InfiniteForge Innovations, Develop a logo for an innovation-focused business. Use sharp lines and a forge-inspired design to convey creativity and progress.

PixelCraft Studios, Pixelated tools forming an artist's palette, representing creativity and craftsmanship.

Quantum Quill Publishing, Fusion of a quill pen and quantum orbits, symbolizing cutting-edge ideas in literature.

(SereneStitch Apparel) The logo exudes a sense of exclusivity and refined taste, catering to the boutique's clientele seeking luxurious and fashionable apparel

InnovateHub Technologies, Create a logo for a tech startup that emphasizes innovation and connectivity.

Brew Haven Café, Design a logo for a cozy coffee shop that incorporates a coffee cup and warm colors.

VelocityTech Labs, Design a logo for a tech research lab. Use sharp, precise lines and a futuristic aesthetic to convey cutting-edge technology and speed.

 Craft logo using elements that represent relaxation and well-being. Use natural symbols like leaves, water droplets, and a soothing color palette to create a sense of harmony and balance.

Create a logo using elegant lightbulb motifs, intricate patterns, and a sophisticated color palette to convey a sense of sophistication and style.

Craft a literary logo using symbols associated with books and storytelling. Use open books, quills, or other literary elements, and sophisticated colors.

Create a logo that conveys speed and efficiency, using the company name Swift Solutions with sleek, sharp typography and possibly incorporating a swoosh or arrow element to symbolize quickness, colorful, 8k

Logo of a rainbow-colored leaf

Logo of a bonsai tree

Logo of a blue strawberry

Logo showing the eternal fight logo generator

Logo of a tsunami

Logo showing a baby elephant

Logo of a powerful volcano

Logo showing a bouquet of red roses

Pixel art logo generator

Cubist influence in geometric form logo generator

Watercolor effects, artistic flair logo generator

Quantum-inspired logo generator

Logo showing a ninja

Logo showing an anthropomorphic raccoon

A logo for a fintech company

logo of a lion-symbol

A logo of a lighthouse

An e-sports logo eagle

A logo for a marketing brand

A vector logo, phoenix with wings

An emblem logo of a special forces unit

An emblem for an urban motorcycle logo generator

A logo for a cricket team

A colorful graphic logo for a European street

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No! Appy Pie’s AI Logo Generator doesn’t offer a free plan and only allows paid subscribers to generate and download logos.
Not at all! The AI Logo Generator will then generate a range of logo options based on your written prompt, allowing you to choose and customize the one that best represents your brand. It's a hassle-free way to design professional-looking logos, even if you're a complete beginner.
Yes, you can easily customize the logo templates. You can modify text, colors, fonts, icons, and other elements to make your logo unique to your brand.
Absolutely! The logos created using Appy Pie’s Logo Generator can be used for both personal and commercial purposes without any restrictions.
Appy Pie’s Logo Generator allows you to download your logo in high-quality PNG, JPG, and SVG format and is widely supported across various platforms and applications.
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