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VoIP Origination Providers

Origination is simply the collection of an initiated call to be handed off to an exchange or VoIP endpoint for completion. Our carriers provide large national footprints in North America for origination along with access to local DID and toll-free origination at the most competitive rates available. Wholesale Origination Services (also referenced as Carrier Services) have been a big business for facilities-based telecommunications carriers over the past many years. These telecommunications carriers fall into two categories: 1) Retail carrier or 2) Wholesale carrier. It is possible, however, for a carrier to be both. While wholesale carriers offer 100% of their network or services for resale or lease, retail carriers may offer none (or only a portion) of their own network for wholesale business. Gross margins on wholesale services are typically much lower than those of retail services, but revenues generated from wholesale services can be much higher.​

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Established in 2007, VoIP Innovations brings success to its customers through Wholesale VoIP services. They are an industry leader in Wholesale VoIP, and have been aggregating, innovating and...
API, Calling Card, Colocation, E911, International A-Z, Origination, Portal, Termination, Toll Free

9 reviews

A nationwide provider in the VoIP and ISP provider industries, Alcazar Networks has been providing technology solutions since 2003. They aim to deliver products that will help businesses increase...
API, Calling Card, E911, International A-Z, Origination, Portal, Termination, Toll Free
*Rates shown do not include E-911 charges, taxes, and surcharges. Most providers offering unlimited calling have restrictions and some rates shown are promotional rates based on term contracts or promotional periods. Be sure to read individual providers terms and conditions before you buy. Rates and features displayed for each provider have been sourced from provider's site and other online sources. While we strive to display current information, be sure to check directly with each provider as their plans, pricing, and features are subject to change.
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What are Origination Services?

Origination is offered for local, long distance, and international calling

Domestic Origination carriers provide US DID’s and toll-free telephone numbers that enable their customers to expand their services internationally. These services are delivered through a global network that gives their customers a presence and an origination in more than 50 countries with a private global IP backbone. Origination services also allow for clients to keep local telephone numbers with minimal restrictions. Plus, wholesale VoIP origination helps you save money due to its predictable monthly pricing.

International Origination carriers provide in country DID’s and toll-free telephone numbers that enable their customers to expand their services internationally. These services are delivered through a global network that gives their customers a presence and origination in more than 50 countries with a private global IP backbone.

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The Rising Popularity of VoIP

VoIP customers have an increasing need for DID numbers to support high call volumes.

The increased reliability and popularity of VoIP technology has resulted in a significant reduction of rates and gross margins of all voice traffic over the last ten years. On the flipside, it has also driven traffic volumes exponentially (especially with international long distance calling) because it is now much more affordable for businesses and consumers. VoIP technology has created much competition in the industry, and the additional features and functionality with VoIP has stimulated the demand for DID (Direct Inward Dial) numbers. Not only do VoIP customers need more DIDs, but they also want to port and keep their existing numbers. Wholesale origination service providers can provide services not only within the United States but can also help customers access thousands of numbers in over 60 countries around the world. VoIP technology makes this process much easier and provides significant cost savings for carriers.

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How Does VoIP Break Geographical Barriers?

VoIP technology makes it easy for companies to make affordable local, long distance, and international calls.

VoIP has also eliminated geographic boundaries and made it much easier and faster for carriers to connect to one another. Installation intervals for international services have been reduced from 2-3 months to only 2-3 days because of VoIP technology. In addition, it is much less expensive to connect to other carriers. Back in the 90's, it would have literally cost thousands of dollars to connect to an overseas carrier for wholesale purposes. But today, the only cost might be an incremental cost in the bandwidth at your switch site. By using VoIP technology for origination services, carriers can now provide services to customers around the world, reaching places that were virtually impossible to connect to ten years ago.

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